Bogdan Girbovan (RO): Uniforms and Vestments

In his series Uniforms and Vestments Girbovan studies the Orthodox Church and the police. He does this through analyzing outwardly recognizable signs of status within these strictly hierarchical institutions. As the title of the series suggests Girbovan chooses to portray the official outfits of both organizations. The focus is clearly on the outfit and not so much on the individual wearing it, since outfits alone are one of the clearest bearers of institutional messages – they clearly place the individual within the institutional hierarchy and at the same time communicate his position and authority to the outside world.


Photographer and freelance artist Bogdan Girbovan graduated from the National University of Arts in Bucharest, Photography Department. He has exhibited throughout Romania, as well as in Paris, Istanbul, Vilnius, and Prague. In 2012, Bogdan received the Fostering Artistic Practices Award from ICR in Venice, Italy.