• Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 14.35.56

    Eszter Szabó (HU): Dispenser of Delights

    She explores different aspects of everyday life by recreating situations based on her observations. Often she mixes characteristics of different individuals, filtering them down to what she perceives as the ‘essence’ of those living in a post-communist society. Szabó sees the infantile characters featured in her work as the cause and result of a paternal,…

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  • Big grey

    Gábor Fülöp: Big Grey, Playground

    Gábor Fülöp (1981, HU) uses traditional methods when sculpting wood, but applies his own interpretation of limits and possibilities of this genre. He has developed his unique and characteristic style that allows him to prove his strong technical skills when dealing with complicated sculptural issues. His focus is centered on the relationship of living organisms…

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  • Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 16.14.21

    drMáriás (HU): Charles the First!, Mao in Modigliani’s Studio

    Since the turn of the second millennium, concrete social-political criticism has been part of Máriás’s art practice. He always articulates his views on human corruption and the pestilence at the high level of society. Referring to the farcical demeanour, time-serving human attitude and mendacity of politicians and members of the parliament, for example, his style…

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  • 05

    Marko Jakše (SI): Shirt of the Happy Man, Reconvalescence

    Marko Jakše’s qualitative extent is still extremely wide and he still researches figure, portrait and flora and fauna in interiors as well as in open landscapes. The artist puts diverse figuration as equal elements into mutual conflicts, dramatically and many times bloody situations on one hand and elegiac, melancholic and sometimes symbolically tranquil shades on…

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  • sudeheus

    Max Sudhues (DE): Plan and planet Installation, 2008

    Using simple methods and outdated technology, Sudhues creates witty and often allegorical light installations. Following the tradition of collages made from everyday objects he creates imaginary worlds, whose constituent parts are recognizable, but altered to the point where they become open to countless interpretations. Racing from the poetic to the endangering, they embark on a…

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  • knezevic

    Stojan Knežević (SI): Suburbia

    165 x 180 cm, oil on cardboard, 2012 The color-reduced, minimalist visual language of Stojan Knežević skillfully captures the dismal atmosphere that is becoming increasingly characteristic of the second decade of the 21st century. The author’s cogent use of cheap materials – carton and cardboard, corresponds to the depleted painting expression and creates a sharp contrast against…

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  • Vindiš-Catalogue-PRINT

    Tadej Vindiš (SI): Exodus

    The current atmosphere on our confusing planet is resembling complete and utter defeat, this raises the concern that the system we have build over such a long time has failed miserably and that there may be a need to start over, to search for a new world somewhere else. A moth, as a nocturnal creature…

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  • bobicic

    Matija Bobičić (SI): Equestrian Portrait

    Bobičić’s works are defined by an articulate intuitiveness of the painter’s hand, which provides them with a touch of an almost forgotten animistic mythicism. The features are often harsh, even childlike in their blunt expressiveness, yet for that very reason so very voluble. His figures are flat and stylized; implied rather than unambiguously depicted; they…

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  • Cvitan

    Jure Cvitan (SI): Conqueror of the Useless

    Jure Cvitan is trying to figure out the point of building a career as an artist and searching for various strategies that would lead to success. He depicts the duality of this situation through monumental paintings – placing the visitors into the crossfire of rage and destruction on the one hand and on the other…

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  • libuse

    Libuše Jarcovjáková (SK): T-CLUB 1983-1984

    “Mare’s head, Mrs. Bulbous, Mrs. Glasscutter, Little Lemon, Rattles , Backpack, Mrs. Bleble – and another and another. They were all there almost daily. They belonged to the inventory, like the black hole of a fireplace with artificial logs, as strange suits of armour that are left over from some first republic decorations. Strobe lights…

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  • grlic

    Martina Grlić (HR): Factory

    Podravka#2, oil on canvas, 120 x 150 cm, 2013 / Koka#2, oil on canvas, 120 x 150 cm, 2013 / Jugoplastika, oil on canvas, 120 x 150 cm, 2013 Martina Grlić belongs to a new stream of Croatian painting, which focuses on the figurative in art and on the narrative potential of painting. Her body of work…

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  • maria

    María Elínardóttir (IS): The Good Wife Guide

    The photo series The Good Wife Guide is based on an article published in 1955 talking about the basic rules each good wife should adhere to: 1. Have dinner ready. Plan ahead, even the night before. 2. Be a little gay and a little more interesting for him. 3. Be happy to see him. 4.…

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  • tothova

    Magda Tóthová (SK): The Word for This Place Is not Utopia

    Three-part video installation, 2012 The Word for This Place Is not Utopia by Magda Tothova is composed of a three-part video installation, created during the artist’s residency in Upper Silesia and the Dąbrowski Basin in May and August 2012, when she worked with the local youth. In the first film, in a space of devastated…

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  • autor

    Nika Autor (SI): The land of Bears

    The construction sector, which used to employ over 70.000 foreign workers in Slovenia, collapsed in the period between 2010 and 2011, leaving behind debts, a suspension of construction activity, and exploited, unpaid workers. The majority of the employed workers came from the geographical regions of the former common country. While the state silently observed the…

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  • chto delat

    Chto Delat (RU): Border Musical 2013

    Ola from Finnmark meets Tanja from Kola. They fall in love, Tanja abandons her past and moves with her son to her new husband. Through the joys and challenges of their mixed marriage we get a glimpse into today’s Russia-Norwegian borderland across cultural and social norms and values. How are our behaviour and worldview influenced…

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  • ridnyi

    Mykola Ridnyi (UKR): Fortress

    The video is based on documentary materials filmed during the events on Maidan Square in Kiev during December 2013 – February 2014. The author’s voice over comments the episodes by quoting from texts on the history of the Middle Ages (including works by Georges Duby, Ewart Oakeshott, Henry Suso and others). Thematic associations caused parallels…

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  • waras

    Mariusz Waras (PL):

    Mariusz Waras was born 1978 in Gdynia. A graphic artist, outdoor painter, traveller, amateur architect. Waras is one of the key actors of Polish street art, known mostly for his monumental images of industrial machines, the industrialized landscape and semi-fantastic transport vehicles, which appear on façades and in galleries across the world. His style is…

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  • Lazetic

    Tanja Lažetić (SI): Migrants

    Migrations are a complex global phenomenon, which is by no means exclusive to the time we live in, and is definitely not limited only to the human species. Migrations have been a key element of human existence throughout the entire course of our history – they are a means of expanding knowledge, transferring and mutually…

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  • V Palestine An Ongoing Displacement copy

    Visualizing Palestine: An Ongoing Displacement

    Visualizing Palestine is the intersection of communication, social sciences, technology, design and urban studies for social justice. Visualizing Palestine uses creative visuals to describe a factual rights-based narrative of Palestine/Israel.  

  • benera + estefan

    Anca Benera (RO) and Arnold Estefan (RO): Jus Soli

    Anca Benera and Arnold Estefan’s Jus Soli video documented performance (2013) is an attempt to unravel the complexity of national identity, by literally unraveling the flags of their native Romania, as well as their respective ethnicities.The long and painstaking process, which took several weeks, resulted in a ball of thread with no identifiable features according…

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  • girbovan

    Bogdan Girbovan (RO): Uniforms and Vestments

    In his series Uniforms and Vestments Girbovan studies the Orthodox Church and the police. He does this through analyzing outwardly recognizable signs of status within these strictly hierarchical institutions. As the title of the series suggests Girbovan chooses to portray the official outfits of both organizations. The focus is clearly on the outfit and not…

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  • pecar copy

    Ana Pečar (SI): Snake’s head

    Video, 2014 As a society, we have adopted the method of introducing new systems over and over again, and getting rid of all the traces of the old. This kind of progression resembles a tree whose branches we had cut off and now this tree crooks and grows unevenly. This project is looking into the…

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  • malis

    Marcel Mališ (SK): Erstereich

    The Austrian “Erste Bank und Sparkasse” has acquired several bank branches, which operate within the territory of the former Eastern Bloc, over the last decade. Thus, the area under the “Erste Bank’s” influence morphologically re-connects to the borders of the former Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. The maps of the old Monarchy and the current Erstereich are almost…

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  • pramatarov

    Boris Pramatarov (BG): Competition, Fear, my Friend, Conversation Near to Hive

    The fantastic and schizophrenic images created by Boris Pramatarov follow the pattern of horror. They appeal to the viewers’ emotions and tickle their feelings of fear and repugnance. He is fascinated by the “doppelgänger”, who is not just a fantastic figure, he is the possible other – the one next to us, beyond the path,…

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  • Jeremić

    Rena Rädle (DE) & Vladan Jeremić (RS/DE): The Housing Question

    In order to unmask the models of market-oriented welfare, and the commercialization of public services to the European precarious class who is denied the right to urban living, Rädle & Jeremić point to the perfidious system developed in the city of Rome, where Roma are housed in ghettoized container settlements and monitored by security guards.…

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  • cmajcanin photo by Joana Teresa De Almeida Dias e Souza

    Lana Čmajčanin (BiH): 166987 Pricks

    Through the medium traditionally associated with “women’s work” the brutally frank language of sexual power is rendered in the quiet, gentle craft of embroidery. There is an obvious enjoyment of the tension that this produces, a relish redoubled by double entendre. Explicit content ironically commenting relationships, offers, demands, positioning, stereotypes, expectations and experience (within the…

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  • jusic

    Adela Jušić (BiH) & Andreja Duganžić (BiH): Labor of Love

    Woman reproduces for free the workforce that is quintessential in capitalism. She gives birth to, nurtures, services and loves the workforce that capital will later benefit from. Her work is degraded, artfully disguised as a labor of love, and as such it is not considered a socio-economic activity that has value, but as a natural…

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  • hodoscek

    Maja Hodošček (SI): We Need a Title

    2014, HD video, 28. min Hodošček made the video in collaboration with six members of a school debate club (Gymnasium Celje – Center). For several months the members participated in a sort of parallel curricula initiated by the artist. The departure point of the debate was the legacy and potentiality of the Non-Aligned Movement (First…

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  • technica schweiz

    Katarina Šević (RS/HU) and Tehnica Schweiz (HU): Stummer Diener

    The installation is based on the 1958 drama by Max Frisch, Biedermann und die Brandstifter (The Fire Raisers). It is an epic drama in the Brechtian tradition, but also a critical reaction to the Brechtian Lehrstück, as the subtitle suggests: Lehrstück ohne Lehre: A Morality Play without a Moral. Stummer Diener is an object and…

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  • sinisa_bojan

    Siniša Ilić (RS) and Bojan Djordjev (RS): Gathered by Meaning

    Gathered by meaning is an installation that spatially and conceptually connects a wall painting, archive-historical photograph and performance / reading group The Discrete Charm of Marxism. Heterogeneous elements of the installation are focused on the picture and scene of reading – an unspectacular moment of meaning being created and world being constantly re-made. In the…

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  • gverovic

    Tina Gverović (HR): Known Unknowns

    The bodies – rendered as lines (line drawings in space) – hang from the rigid structure in a way that recalls clothes on hooks or perhaps washing left to dry, but while the bodies might be thought to be malleable and vulnerable they are also versatile. There are three key elements to the work –…

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