Jure Cvitan (SI): Conqueror of the Useless

Jure Cvitan is trying to figure out the point of building a career as an artist and searching for various strategies that would lead to success. He depicts the duality of this situation through monumental paintings – placing the visitors into the crossfire of rage and destruction on the one hand and on the other of forced pleasantries prevalent through the art world. Jure Cvitan openly discloses himself by placing himself in the model of the so-called “Shooting gallery game” that he transposes from an internet game into the real gallery where he is shooting at himself. What is involved is a schizophrenic settling of accounts of an eccentric person who like in t¬¬he film Fight Club (1999) is fighting against himself. What are we to expect from such a situation? The dogs bark, we drink a glass of wine together, and the caravan moves on. An ever greater insensitiveness of the addressed flooded by “projects” demands from the addresser to take a more drastic action.

(Based on: Jani Pirnat, Likovni salon Celje)


Jure Cvitan (1981, SI) graduated at College for Visual Arts in Ljubljana Slovenia in 2006. At the moment he works as an freelance artist. He is primarily a painter, but also ventures into the fields of installation and performance. He was a resident artist at Flaxart in Belfast and in White canvas gallery in Nanjing (PRC). He is involved with the organization of international video art festival Electric Rats dream Video Dreams, of the Festival of Performance and Interventions Vstop prost – Admission Free and Lay Up graffiti festival. Cvitan  works and creates in Celje, Slovenia. He is an active member KUD 567.