Gábor Fülöp: Big Grey, Playground

Gábor Fülöp (1981, HU) uses traditional methods when sculpting wood, but applies his own interpretation of limits and possibilities of this genre. He has developed his unique and characteristic style that allows him to prove his strong technical skills when dealing with complicated sculptural issues. His focus is centered on the relationship of living organisms with each other and with their environment. In this context he creates surrealistic sculptural objects and installations, which draw from nature, mythology, science fiction and other elements of popular culture, and are in constant dialogue with their surroundings. Through this relationship they form a subtle narrative commenting on various layers of contemporary society and artistic production. With his works Gábor rethinks the role and possibilities of sculpture, more precisely wood carving, in the contemporary art scene, while not turning away from the traditions of the genre.

Big Grey, wood, 215x65x40 cm, 2012
Playground, sculptural installation, wood, sand, dimensions variable, 2010-2012