Siniša Ilić (RS) and Bojan Djordjev (RS): Gathered by Meaning

Gathered by meaning is an installation that spatially and conceptually connects a wall painting, archive-historical photograph and performance / reading group The Discrete Charm of Marxism. Heterogeneous elements of the installation are focused on the picture and scene of reading – an unspectacular moment of meaning being created and world being constantly re-made. In the photograph a young woman is reading aloud at the meeting communist youth organization – a poem, a note, a thought; the wall painting shows moments of communication and exchange of ideas and knowledge; the reading group explores relations in society that had to be understood again every day.


Siniša Ilić and Bojan Djordjev have been collaborating in various theater, performance art and visual art projects. In these works the authors investigate and rearticulate the traditional division of labor in the arts and their professional positions and collective authorship, at the same time exploring issues such as performative utterance, gender, desire, memory, text. In their works they explore performative potentials of communication with the audience in different performative formats through critical readings of images that surround us. Both are co-founders of TkH (Walking Theory) theoretical-artistic platform through which they realize part of their artistic activities.


Siniša Ilić
Works in the fields of visual and performing arts. Through his work he deconstructs social phenomena and mechanisms, such as forms of labor and violence in society, concepts of education, etc. His works are often oriented towards collective and collaborative self-organized projects with co-authors from different artistic fields of visual arts, but also theory, theatre and performance. MFA in painting at Faculty of Fine Arts, Belgrade. Artist in residence at Tate Modern, London, Kultur Kontakt, Vienna, ISCP, New York, Akademie Schloss Solitude, Stuttgart. Born in 1977 in Belgrade.


Bojan Djordjev
Theatermaker active in both institutional and independent theater. His interests in theater and performance include collective authorship, working with experimental playwriting and post-drama theater. MA in Theory of Arts and Media at University of Arts in Belgrade, BA in Theater Directing at Faculty of Drama Arts, Belgrade. Artist in Residence at Akademie Schloss Solitude, Stuttgart, Les laboratoires d’Aubervilliers, Paris as part of TkH project How to do Things by Theory and Artslink, New York. Born in 1977 in Belgrade. Participant of DasArts Master of Theater program in Amsterdam.
(photo credit) In the photograph: Milena Sajić, Belgrade, 1946.