Tanja Lažetić (SI): Migrants

Migrations are a complex global phenomenon, which is by no means exclusive to the time we live in, and is definitely not limited only to the human species. Migrations have been a key element of human existence throughout the entire course of our history – they are a means of expanding knowledge, transferring and mutually enhancing different cultures, and at the same time contributing significantly to the growth and prosperity of the countries of origin, as well as of the countries of destination. Across centuries, countless political, economic and other reasons have caused millions of people to change their cultural and geographical setting in the search of a new life. The video installation Migrants, created in Florence, juxtaposes two distinctly contrasting groups of modern-day migrants – hordes of tourists dragging suitcases down the Florentine streets, and a file of salesmen dragging their carts from the square. It is a confrontation of the people that choose to visit a certain city or country for personal, i. e. lighthearted reasons, and the people that choose to move permanently in search of a better chance of survival.


Tanja Lažetić graduated from the University of Ljubljana with a degree in architecture. She works in the fields of photography, video, performance, installation and artist’s book. Her work has been shown in group exhibitions at venues including Moderna galerija, Ljubljana; Ars Aevi, Sarajevo; Neuer Berliner Kunstverein, Berlin; ZKM, Karlsruhe; The Gallery of Extended Media, Zagreb; Museum 25th May, Belgrade and the 28th Biennial of Graphic Arts, Ljubljana. She lives in Ljubljana.