Tadej Vindiš (SI): Exodus

The current atmosphere on our confusing planet is resembling complete and utter defeat, this raises the concern that the system we have build over such a long time has failed miserably and that there may be a need to start over, to search for a new world somewhere else. A moth, as a nocturnal creature with the ability to fly and survive without nutrition, could metaphorically represent an advanced human being in a non-sustainable, new environment. A kind of spacecraft; a stimulant of our imagination towards the galactic world of infinite possibilities.


Tadej Vindiš studied photography at FAMU in Prague, where he obtained his BcA in 2013. His works feature a distinct conceptual approach; through an exploration of the medium of traditional photography in an interdisciplinary connection with other fine arts’ branches, he postulates the subject matter of contemporary fine arts, as related to the state of mind of the present-day society. He has exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Slovenia and abroad, in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Iceland and China.